A Very Merry Christmas In NY Indeed- Mark Teixeira to the Yankees

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I found out this morning. I was at my friend Cara’s (a friend of mine from over the summer who is visiting) apartment when her father, a Red Sox fan, announced the news. You have to be kidding me, I said. Mark Teixeira, on the Yankees?? They were barely in the sweepstakes. They did it again! They were lurking in the darkness until the last minute, and then they pounced! The deal? 8 years, $180 million with a $5 million dollar signing bonus. $20 million in the first two seasons, 22.5 in each of the final six years. So how much have the “Bronx Bombers” spent this offseason? $423.5 million. Now that I can’t have Mark Teixeria, do I want him? Nope. 

John Henry.jpg
Am I mad at John Henry? Do I think he’s cheap? Nope
 So I started to have a conversation with Cara’s father about the whole situation, here’s how it went down, Jane Heller style. 
Dr. Neel: Did you hear, the Yankees got Mark Teixeria
Me: You’ve got to be kidding me! The Yankees? They weren’t even in the sweepstakes for him
Dr. Neel: Well, they did it again
Me: Great, they have a monstrous starting rotation, and they’ve just bolstered their offense. But… I never wanted Teixeria
Dr. Nell: What? Why not??
Me: Well, we already have Youkilis at first, and I have faith that Lowell can return strongly, I mean, he was the 2007 World Series MVP.
Dr. Neel: Yeah, but that was a year ago.
Me: It’s only a year
Dr. Neel: But this year, Lowell had a torn hip labrum, that’s only a couple steps away from a hp replacement. Do we really want a third baseman who was so close to a hip replacement?
Me: Well, the rehab is going well
Dr. Neel: And he’s 37 (this just in from Julia: he’s 34 years old!!) years old! We maybe have another two or three years out of him, but after that? 
Me: We have two years left with him, the re-signing after 2007 was for three years. I think he’ll be fine.
Dr. Neel puts down a fine argument doesn’t he? Teixeria is 28 years old, Lowell is 37. Teixeria is a hitting machine, Mike Lowell was a hitting machine, “Mr. Double” right? But here’s the thing. I want two more years out of Mike Lowell, I know he tore his hip labrum, but he’s going through some rehabilitation. He’ll have his intense range of motion back, and I have faith that his bat will go back to being the offensive force it was in 2007. 
However, the Yankees needed him much more than the Sox did. They only had two real offensive forces: Jeter and Rodriguez. The Red Sox have: Pedroia, Youk, Papi, Lowell, Drew, and Bay. We know that Lowell is getting old. Future solution after Lowell either retires or leaves: Youk to third, bring up Lars Anderson, the future star. 
Lars Anderson.jpg
It seems like me and Julia are the only Red Sox fans who have been opposed to Mark Teixeria since the beginning. I don’t know why I have so much faith in Mike Lowell, maybe because he’s always been one of my favorite players, and I’ve grown up watching him, but whatever the reason, I’m glad he’s going to stay. 
Now that we’re out of the Tex sweepstakes, I really hope that we sign Derek Lowe. We do actually need a strong fourth slot starter, and Derek Lowe would be perfect for that. Red Sox fans love him! He’s done so much for us, and he loves us too. Remember his no-no in 2002 against the Rays? That would make a great Christmas present. 
But an even better one? Four years ago, on this date, a certain someone re-signed with us. If he does it again, I think a lot of us at Red Sox Nation would be happy. 
Have a great Christmas Eve to those of you who celebrate Christmas. Thank you all for being so supportive. I love this family here (more on that tomorrow). 


I would much rather have Varitex then Lowe because what about Clay?

Bigpapi72, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

Elizabeth – you and I are true believers in Mikey! And please tell Dr. Neel that Mike is only 34 years old. Have a wonderful Christmas! And remember, next season when Mike has a fantastic year you and I can say – I told you so!


Merry Christmas! Looks like Lowell is going to stay now. Glad your wish came true.

Great Q&A, Elizabeth! It was fun following your conversation. And I’m glad things worked out the way you wanted them to. I can certainly understand why Lowell’s a favorite of yours. Now if the Red Sox sign Varitek, you’ll be really happy, right? Merry Christmas to you and your family.


I’m glad to hear you got your wish, too. I think the nice bushy beard makes Lowell look older.

Merry Christmas!!!


“Happy” Holidays, Elizabeth.


Hi, Elizabeth …

Well, with the Mark Teixeira signing by the Yankees, it will make the “Yankees – Red Sox” rivalry much more fun to watch in 2009 and future years … But, it is a long season, and we all can look forward to a great battle in the AL East between the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays … Elizabeth, enjoy your Christmas Day; and, Best Wishes, to you and your family, for a Very Christmas and Very Happy Holiday Season !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]


Merry Christmas, Elizabeth

Merry Christmas! It has been so much fun reading your blog over the last few months! I hope you had a great one!

I hope that you had a Merry X’mas. You know what, it’s all good that Mark Texieria signed with the Yankees, I think that Lars Anderson will be ready to unleash hell in a couple of years, can’t wait for that. Also, the Red Sox organization needs to focus on signing ‘Tek, and work on long-term deals with Youk, Jason Bay, and Jonathon Paplebon.

The Yankees’ offseason FA payroll is ridiculous. I’m hoping it’s a sign that the economy may not be as bad as everyone thinks, instead of an idiotic move by the Yanks.

I also hope we don’t receive word of the Yankees letting go of some front office help because they can’t afford to pay them. That’s just wrong.

Merry belated Christmas.

I’m hoping that the Yankees’ signing of the Big 3 free agents is a sign that the economy isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is, rather than an idiotic move.

I also hope we don’t receive word that the Yanks are cutting back on front office staff because they can’t afford them. That would be terribly wrong.

Merry belated Christmas.

I’m hoping that the Yankees’ signing of the Big 3 free agents is a sign that the economy isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is, rather than an idiotic move.

I also hope we don’t receive word that the Yanks are cutting back on front office staff because they can’t afford them. That would be terribly wrong.

Merry belated Christmas.

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